Spyker isn’t usually the first company that comes to mind when talking about supercars, but that doesn’t mean its cars aren’t super. If you need a refresher, the company’s C8 has existed in numerous styles and evolutions since 2000, which means the earliest models are nearly old enough to vote in the next U.S. election.  The elegant two-seater borrows a 400-horsepower 4.2-liter V8 from Audi, at least in base form. Some C8 variants have been fitted with considerably more power, but regardless of the output, they’re all mounted midship with power sent to the rear wheels. It is, after all, a supercar.

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The thing is, these cars are exceedingly rare, especially in the United States so it’s easy to forget just how cool and quirky they are. Enter Doug DeMuro, who managed to find a Spyker C8 owner in Southern California willing to donate a C8 for some camera time and a test drive. In the process, he’s revealed all kinds of interesting tidbits that we suspect even hardcore Spyker followers may not have known about. Among them – the procedure for actually starting the car.

DeMuro first reveals the normal start-up method, which involves the typical clutch-in, shifter-in-neutral move. That’s followed by flipping up a switch cover, engaging a toggle switch, and then pushing the start button. However, that’s dependent on a functioning key fob sending a signal to the car – what if the fob’s battery goes dead?

Spyker C8
Spyker C8

For that, there’s actually a secondary standard ignition hidden in the far corner of the glove box, but here’s the thing. You still need to press in the clutch and do everything else – while reaching all the way across the car to turn a key. We suspect it might be easier to execute a double key-turn to launch a nuclear missile, but hey, it’s a supercar quirk.

Doug DeMuro has quite a bit else to say in this interesting vid. We certainly learned something new about the Spyker C8, and you probably will too.

Source: Doug DeMuro via YouTube


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