We are only a few hours away from the long-awaited debut.

It was the beginning of April 2012 when BMW unveiled the i8 Concept Spyder and now the wraps are finally about to come off the production version. Officially called the i8 Roadster, the droptop plug-in hybrid sports car is showing off its swanky LED headlight design in a final teaser image prior to its full reveal at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show later today.


The juicy technical specifications are still shrouded in mystery at the moment of writing, but we are expecting the i8 Roadster to gain a little bit more power than the current coupe and also use an upgraded battery pack providing a longer electric range. Since we’ve mentioned the coupe, it would make sense for the model to be updated to the new hardware as well so that there wouldn’t be any differences between the two body styles. What we do know for sure is that the roadster will feature an electrically folding soft top as revealed already in a multitude of teasers that have preceded tonight’s big debut.

It will be interesting to see whether the convertible will retain the coupe’s rear seats or BMW has decided to remove them altogether to accommodate the roof when folded. That wouldn’t be a big issue considering the i8 coupe’s rear seats are not exactly the most useful when it comes to carrying people. Because of the increased complexity of the top, there’s a good chance the roadster will be a tad heavier than its fixed roof counterpart and that will obviously take its toll on performance and efficiency.

With the i8’s interior cabin continuing to look very futuristic even several years after its release, we’re curious to find out whether BMW will bring some changes for the new roadster.

All will be revealed in just a few hours.

Source: BMW

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