Too much or just enough?

Misha Designs has decided to provide us with a bit more variety during this week dominated by the Los Angeles Auto Show by sharing images of its latest project originally unveiled a few weeks ago at SEMA in Las Vegas. As you can see, the Ferrari 488 GTB has received a heavy dose of tuner-prescribed steroids consisting of an extremely wide and aggressive body kit that makes us think of the recently introduced FXX K Evo race car.

Check out the hardcore 488:

Compared to the regular model, the newly gained carbon fiber body has added three inches on each side as a result of the bulging front and rear fenders lending the 488 GTB a more muscular look. Some of the new components, such as the front splitter, side skirts, and the large rear diffuser have been left unpainted to showcase the exposed carbon fiber.

An eye-catching satin lime green wrap has been applied on most parts of the body, including at the back on the massive wing. A rear spoiler and a new set of Savini alloy wheels wrapped in Toyo tires round of the extensive list of changes the Ferrari 488 GTB has gone through.

Misha Designs says only 20 cars will receive the wide body conversion and you’ll have to give them a call to find out how much it costs. Should you consider the package a bit too much, a more restrained transformation is also available and that one doesn’t have the wide body kit and large rear wing. As it was the case with the Ferrari 458 Italia-based project from a couple of years ago, the significant makeover for the 488 GTB doesn’t bring any mechanical upgrades.

For those wanting a more hardcore 488 GTB straight from Ferrari, rumor has it a GTO (name not confirmed) version will be out as early as next year.

Source: Misha Designs

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