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Ferrari made a little over 1,300 F40s during the supercar’s production run between 1987 and 1992. While most of them were red, there were a handful of examples painted in something different than Rosso Corsa, such as yellow and black. To our knowledge, none of the cars had a green paint, which is why seeing this green F40 is a rare sight. To be fair, it did not exit the gates of the Maranello factory wearing this shade as the car was originally painted in red.

The car belongs to Eugenio Amos, an avid car collector and also the owner of a Mercedes CLK GTR, a Porsche 993 GT2 RS, and a RUF 911 Turbo R. According to DriveTribe, this is actually Amos’ second F40 (he sold the first one in 2016) and it was repainted somewhere in Italy after three months of work to get the job done. Why so long? Because after they got rid of the original Rosso Corsa, they noticed some body imperfections and obviously these had to be fixed before applying the new coat of paint. With the F40 featuring body panels made from a combination of Kevlar, carbon fiber, and aluminum, you can imagine it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish.


It’s not just the exterior that was modified as Amos also wanted to freshen up the interior and decided to go with a color dubbed “Cuoio Schedoni” for the seats and headliner wrapped in Alcantara. “Cuoio” means leather in Italian while “Schedoni” is an Italian company that makes bespoke Ferrari luggage.

Displayed recently at the 2017 Milano Autoclassica, the peculiar Ferrari F40 was repainted in Verde Abetone to mimic an official (and rather rare) Ferrari color seen on the 458 Italia, for example. Our colleagues at Italy / attended the show and had the opportunity to film this truly special F40. You don’t have to understand Italian to admire the supercar:

Gallery: Ferrari F40 with Verde Abetone paint

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