We have full details on a new micro-navigation system called Pathfinder from BMW. The story inside.

A new project is underway at BMW Group Research and Technology that could provide drivers with directions once inside large, complex structures.  The system will be meant to work in addition to satellite navigation systems, letting drivers easily navigate factories, fairgrounds, and other such facilities.

The project, Pathfinder from BMW, will not only provide micro-navigation inside a vehicle, but also outside.  "The realistic visualisation of a building like a complex multi-storey car park by means of a micro-Navigation card in the Central Information Display of the research prototype gives the user a clear navigation and information advantage that goes significantly beyond the conventional scope of a road navigation solution," BMW Project Manager Carsten Isert said in a press release.

Similar to already-available navigation units, owners will be able to download maps and detailed information about various locations.  Once on the handheld device, the information can easily be conveyed through the car's larger screen.  People with disabilities might be able to use the device to find a wheelchair-accessible parking spot, while others may be guided to a spot near a specific elevator.  Once parked, the device could theoretically be used to get the passengers to an office, desk, or other specific point inside the location.

BMW has not revealed a potential release date for Pathfinder.

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