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This image of an alleged 2012 Volvo S60 convertible model from a dealer presentation in Sweden was leaked to WCF. The open top coupe version of the S60 sedan may come to be called the C60, according to the source.

Wispers of an S60 convertible have been circulating for a few months. Set as a spiritual successor to the current C70, this is the first image to surface showing specific details.

Our anonymous source managed to get inside the closed presentation for the S60 convertible, where cameras were not allowed, and snap a picture by means of a mobile phone camera. (Shouldn't they have a phone/coat check for such an occassion?)

Like the C70, the S60 convertible will have a folding, hardtop roof and the front fascia is identical to the standard S60. The rear lights have minor changes, our source says, although that is impossible to see from this single image.

If the S60 convertible becomes reality, we could see introductions starting in 2012 when the current C70 facelift life cycle draws to a close.

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