In the rebooted Nick Cage version of Gone In 60 Seconds, the new Mercedes-Benz with the latest technology was said to be impossible to steal. Of course, Cage and his team stole it anyway, because hey, that’s Hollywood. Still, it’s rather ironic that the subject of this video is in fact a Mercedes with modern tech. That, and it was stolen in less than 60 seconds – using the Merc’s own keyless technology.

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The crime occurred in the English town of Solihull back in September. According to the Derby Telegraph, two men with relay boxes approached the car parked outside in a driveway. The boxes are able to detect weak signals – in this case the signal from the Merc’s remote fob – and amplify them. With the signal dialed in, the thieves simply opened the car, started it up, and drove away. All total, it was 58 seconds from when the car thieves got out of their car to when the Benz was reversing out of the driveway.

Thieves Steal Mercedes-Benz

Authorities warn that such high-tech crimes are on the rise. The signal booster is becoming more common in the world of auto theft as automakers shift away from traditional ignition systems to the keyless variety. The West Midlands police say that the best defense against hacker thieves is to install a tracking system into your car, or to simply use an old-school steering wheel lock.

In other words, the best defense to protect your keyless car against is to add a devise that requires a key. Say what you will about modern technology, but there’s certainly something poetic in this conclusion. In any case, the West Midlands police say the car as yet to be found.

Modern technology can certainly be convenient, but with that comes a whole new set of problems. Sometimes, we wonder if an old-school ride with manual controls and a simple key isn’t the best way forward.

Source: The Derby Telegraph, West Midlands Police


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