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We’ve already spent some time with the new Audi A8, and it’s pretty fantastic both outside and in. We spoke at length about the flagship’s virtual cockpit and digital interior, and we even set aside some pages for a second article that focuses just on all the tech that’s in this new car. Still, the photos and in-depth descriptions on the interior don’t do the A8 proper justice. For that fact, this video still doesn’t quite convey just how slick it is to be inside the big Audi, but until you get a chance to see one for yourself, it’s the next best thing.


The video comes from YouTuber WiZe1972, who took a close look at the A8 during a recent show. Much has been said about the car’s digital layout that all but eliminates the buttons, switches, and knobs that have been part of the automotive landscapes since pretty much the beginning. The result is a very clean, elegant space for driver and passengers to enjoy, and this video does a good job of capturing that feeling.

2018 Audi A8 acceleration test
2019 Audi A8 handwriting recognition

The virtual cockpit behind the steering wheel displays vital information such as speed, engine RPM, and other critical systems in a familiar layout, albeit digital. Moving to the middle of the car, the upper 10.1-inch touchscreen serves as the A8’s infotainment center while the smaller 8.6-inch touchscreen handles climate control duties. In addition, the lower touchscreen can also be used to enter info for the navigation system, displayed on the upper screen.

While the overall layout is extremely clean, the A8’s digital approach isn’t without its detractors. Some feel the digitized climate control adds needless complexity, while the various electrical components – from the hidden vents in the dash to electric door handles – add cost and potential maintenance nightmares down the road. Then again, such things are likely of little concern to those with the funds to put a new A8 in the garage.

Source: WiZe1972 via YouTube

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