The Grand Tour trio is at it again. After obliterating a Renault Clio RS and a Megane RS earlier in the week, the guys are now evaluating another stunt driver to replace The American for the upcoming season 2. This time around, James May has a candidate, but it turns out to be a bad choice as the guy ends up driving it like it’s stolen in the most literal way.

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That should not come as a big surprise taking into account he used to be a car thief, according to May. Well, it turns out he still is after driving off with a rare BMW M4 CS - one of the only 3,000 cars ever made – to the disappointment of all three presenters. May, Hammond, and Clarkson are patiently waiting for the stunt driver to eventually come back with the shiny blue performance coupe, but he’s a no-show and now they’ll have to explain to the police how the grand theft auto took place. Though the theft is not that grand considering what really happened...

What will they think of next?

The Grand Tour returns December 8 on Amazon Prime Video.

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