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Just when you thought Ken Block’s garage couldn’t get any cooler, the professional rally driver received the keys of his new toy. It’s a 1986 Ford RS200, Block’s “dream car,” and it’s fantastic.

For those unfamiliar with the car, don’t worry – it’s definitely not an everyday sight, no matter where on the planet you live. The RS200 was produced by Ford for only two years, between 1984 and 1986, with only 200 road legal examples assembled and these became reality thanks to FIA’s homologation rules for the legendary Group B. It is believed that less than 10 RS200s are currently located in the United States.

Some of Ken Block's other vehicles:

It’s a mid-engine, four-wheel drive beast, powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged engine. Unlike most of the rally cars, the RS200 is built from ground up and is not based on an existing production model. The chassis was designed by former Formula 1 engineer Tony Southgate.

And the car from the two attached videos is even more special, because it’s one of only 24 in the world converted to an Evolution version, which means it has a 2.4-liter turbo engine producing no less than 700 horsepower (522 kilowatts) on road gas. Probably the coolest thing about this car is that it is actually able to scare Block. When you combine a massive turbocharger, which kicks in in a very aggressive manner, with a terrible seating position, even an experienced rally driver like him can feel a bit insecure behind the wheel of the RS200.

Wonder how’s this thing driving on the street? “It’s a nightmare,” Block reveals, a legal nightmare. It’s not a surprise then that he has another RS for an everyday vehicle, again an RS, but a modern-day 2017 Focus RS. But still, the RS200 remains Block’s favorite car of all time and we can understand why.


Source: Ford Performance and TheHoonigans

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