We’re one step closer to the Los Angeles Auto Show, which means we’re one step closer to getting full disclosure on the new Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class, and we really like what we see so far. The video gives us a close-up look at the car’s curves and swooping lines – of which there are many – and hey, moving headlights are always cool.


While this is a new car, there’s certainly much that’s familiar as well. The grille isn’t too far off from the current model, though bearing a fresh update. And it’s not like the swooping lines are a new thing, it’s just that the new CLS seems to turn the design up to 11. The video also gives just a teeny glimpse inside, enough to see the three headrests on the back seat. A previous teaser showed off the car’s snazzy dash, which will go all digital with a large screen as we’ve seen on other Mercs.

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Powering the CLS will be new inline six-cylinder engines, burning both gasoline and diesel, with a boosted four-cylinder likely serving as the base engine for the line. This is usually the point where we talk about the AMG versions expected further down the road, but this time the CLS will probably skip the high-performance treatment due to the AMG GT four-door – such an amped up CLS would be a bit too close for comfort in the lineup. That’s not to say AMG will be completely absent, though the top model is reported to be a CLS 53 hybrid, running the inline six with an electric to make 496 horsepower.

The new CLS is scheduled to be revealed next Wednesday in Los Angeles. We’ll have people on the ground to bring you the latest news and photos of what’s sure to be a stunning new ride from Stuttgart.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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