When people talk about muscle cars and massive, tear-a-hole-in-the-earth V8 power, attention is usually directed to the United States. That’s understandable, but Australia is long overdue for getting massive glory over its love of V8s, passion for power, and propensity for positively ripping the tires off pretty much anything. In this case, the car is an early 1970s Holden sedan from the HQ series – possibly a Premier judging by the quad headlights up front. The specific model doesn’t really matter, however. What matters is the towering engine sticking out from the beneath the hood, turning the rear tires in dramatic fashion.

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The video comes from KJM Photography on YouTube, and though we’ve seen plenty of tire-smoking antics through the years, they never get old. That’s especially true when the action goes on for over a minute, covers a good deal of real estate instead of sitting in one spot, and produces enough smoke to hide a small army. We get all of the above with this clip, not to mention a proper V8 soundtrack to accompany the death of the Holden’s rear tires.

Holden HQ Sedan Burnout

We don’t have any information on the car or the build, other than the engine which reportedly makes over 800 horsepower. We’ll assume it’s built for drag racing given the visible roll cage and assortment of gauges mounted just outside the windshield, but it's also excellent as a rubber recycling machine. We’re tempted to call this plain white sedan a sleeper, but considering the air cleaners on top of the engine are nearly as tall as the roof, we don’t think the driver is fooling anyone.

It seems pretty clear from the get-go that his intent was to smoke the hides until they blew, which happens at the 1:08 mark in an admittedly anti-climactic fashion. Fortunately, the rest of the video is anything but anti-climactic, so turn your speakers up and enjoy this smoke break from down under.

Source: KJM Photography via YouTube

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