New facelifts will come in lieu of total revamp due to financial pressures on the storied British luxury brand.

Aston Martin will be revamping its DB9 and Vantage models by offering facelifts due in 2013/2014, Autocar is reporting. The facelifts will allow the models an extended life as Aston Martin has postponed total revamps for the two models due to financial pressures. The key dimensions of both models will remain the same.

"We're not going to start from scratch again when we already have experience with excellent cutting-edge technology," said an Aston source in the Autocar story.

But the coming facelifts will be substantial and feature new body styling and overhauled interiors fitted to the same bonded aluminum frame of the DB9 and Vantage.

Final designs have yet to be decided upon but, according to the report, the DB9 will be taking some cues from the limited-series One-77 model. A distinct new feature will be the design line flowing from the side air vents, already a mark of the Vantage and Rapide models.

Aston Martin will also be looking to substantially reduce weight on both models to improve performance by use of lightweight materials. The current DB9 weighs in at 1760 kg (3880 lbs). The luxury British brand aims to bring that down to under 1500 kg (3307 lbs).

Engine improvements to the current V12 and V8 power-plants will also be part of the project, labeled VH500 and VH600 for the DB9 and Vantage, respectively. Those upgrades will be aimed more at reducing fuel-consumption and bettering the model's respective CO2 emissions ratings rather than boosting performance.

Autocar also has an artist rendering of what the next DB9 will look like.  Click the source link below to see the entire image.

Aston Martin DB9 & Vantage facelifts coming in 2013/2014