The Grand Tour has a job opening since letting go of The American as its tamed racing driver, and the hosts already have some replacements in mind, including former Formula One and World Endurance Championship driver Mark Webber. However, the recently retired driver didn't get the job after he failed the interview's driving test in humorous fashion.


Webber seems like the perfect person for the job because of his extensive motorsport experience. In addition, he should already have a rapport with the guys after two appearances as Top Gear's Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, but James May and Richard Hammond pretend to forget him. Unfortunately, it appears that Webber's recent time as a Porsche factory driver makes things difficult when he attempts to get behind the wheel of anything else. 

Webber is an absolute ace when he initially drives a Porsche 911 GT2 RS around The Grand Tour test track. Clarkson doesn't reveal the lap time, but Webber clearly gives the course his best. Then, Sebastian Vettel's former teammate switches to a Mercedes-AMG GT R for another lap, and things don't go well. Webber feigns driving hard, but he barely goes quicker than a cruising pace.

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Jeremy Clarkson, May, and Hammond act incredulous at Webber's performance, and it's a funny joke. Since retiring from racing, Webber is now a Porsche brand ambassador, including promoting the GT2 RS with Walter Röhrl and teasing the millionth 911. Given his relationship with the company, it's understandable that Webber wouldn't want to promote a major rival's product by setting a fast lap.

The Grand Tour's second season will premiere on Amazon Prime on December 8.

Source: The Grand Tour

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