Find out what drove Mercedes-Benz sales this month, and how they retook 2nd place for the first time this year. Details inside.

The big news out of Stuttgart this week is Daimler's announcement that Mercedes-Benz overtook Audi, and recaptured second place in luxury vehicle sales for the month of May.  Although 6,500 more Mercedes models were purchased instead of Audi units last month, Audi has still sold over 12,000 more vehicles year-to-date.

Mercedes-Benz had been mired in third place since January, when a surge in Audi sales catapulted the brand.  Audi held on to second for four consecutive months.

Executives at Mercedes may be even more pleased that they came this/close to overtaking the top spot.  BMW sold just 375 more units than those emblazoned with the three-pointed star.

Daimler credits growth in China, where sales more than doubled compared to May 2009.  The company sold 11,500 vehicles last month in China, up from 5,200 a year earlier.  The company says high global demand for E-class and S-class cars, which improved by 39 and 41 percent respectively, also helped improve sales figures.

"This excellent sales result keeps us on course for a strong second quarter, in which we will post double-digit growth," sales and marketing executive Joachim Schmidt said in a written statement.

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