Audi makes online short film series to show off the A1. All six episodes are now available for viewing online.

Audi has completed the release of its web series starring Justin Timberlake and featuring the new A1 model. All six episodes are now available for viewing online.

Upon final viewing, one could advise Audi to invest a little more in its screenplays. The script lacked for credibility with its excessive use of the word "bitch" and a more-mildly-amusing-than-creepy bad guy named Bunny.

But the film did deliver some action and watching the A1 out-maneuver a Ford Crown Victoria served as an exciting way for Audi to show off the compact model's nimble-performance credentials.

Oh, yes, the ending...that was kind of confusing. Was it all fake, a set-up, a joke-is-on-you Justin Timberlake/John Frank? Well, at least no one died and the A1 didn't get a scratch.

All's well that ends well...and Audi is hoping the A1 will sell well.


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Justin Timberlake and Audi A1 mini series - watch all 6 episodes