Get the full scoop on the Daihatsu Materia Icecube, with somewhat insane pricing. The story inside.

German tuners Inden-Design is better known for their work on high-priced models from Ferrari and Mercedes.  The company is now branching out a bit, and turning their sites on the sub-€15,000 Daihatsu Materia.

Dubbed the "Icecube," the bright white box has been outfitted with a host of new items.  On the exterior, the new body kit contains four different extensions that can be attached over the current panels, as well as a daytime lights, and a new rear bumper with diffuser.  Triangle-shaped side mirrors and carbon fiber door handles and boot cover are also installed.

Light three-piece alloy wheels have been custom designed for the project, and measure 8.5x18" in the front, and 9.5x18" in the rear.  A new exhaust and catalytic converter were also fitted, as is a new differential.

Inside, designers added silver-look carbon fiber pieces throughout the cabin, along with Alcantara trim.  A new audio system and Phillips sat-nav were also added.

Although each part mentioned may be purchased individually, the total price of the options costs more than double the price of the car itself.  Inden-Design's Icecube package runs more than €20,200.  You can read about individual part pricing in the press release below.

Gallery: Daihatsu Materia Icecube by Inden Design

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