Find out the latest on the BMW Megacity EV, and if it could lead to a new sports car. The story inside.

Strong corporations always look to the future, and BMW is no different.  Under the presumption that the company's entry into electric vehicles will be successful, BMW designers are already brainstorming ideas for new EVs.

BMW is planning a 2013 market release for the BMW Megacity EV, and company executive Ian Robertson says this is just the beginning.  A full line of EV cars could be grouped together under one umbrella, including a sports car inspired by the Vision ED concept seen last year in Frankfurt.

"We’re in the final stages of picking a name, but we want it to become a strong sub-brand like we have with M," he told Autocar.

Still, first thing's first: get the Megacity finished and out the door.  To keep the vehicle's weight down, it will feature a significant amount of carbon fiber.  This should increase the vehicle's range, while improving certain performance figures.

The latter could be most important to BMW fans, and the company does not want to sabotage this important aspect of their brand.  "[The Megacity] would still be a BMW to drive."

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