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Contrary to previous reports, the Lexus LF-A is not sold out.

The Japanese premium brand now says that there will still be some LF-A supercars available for lease to U.S. customers. Parent company Toyota told Inside Line on Thursday that there were still some production spots available for the car. Lexus will make 500 units of the LF-A. It appears that not all U.S. orders were from qualified buyers.

Lexus has created a unique sales model for the LF-A in the United States; units are only available for lease with an option to buy the car after the 24-month lease period is over. Leases are not transferable to a new owner. In Europe, the car can be purchased at Lexus dealers in the usual manner.

Lexus will begin production on the LF-A in December. It still says production will be limited to 500 units in total (available globally).

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