Why does a foosball table cost €13k? We're not sure. Get the story inside.

How ridiculously expensive can a foosball table be?  Try €12,900.  This Audi Design game table should be encrusted with diamonds for that price, but it isn't.

Limited to 20 units, the table, which we've previously seen as a one-off design exercise, features a combination of handcrafted wood, aluminum, and extra strong plastic.  Ten Audi trainees built the prototypes over the last year, while Bavarian foosball company Leonhart took on final production of the object.

"It's a attractive task to transfer our cars' design language to other day-to-day articles, and the results are often surprising," said Audi design chief Wolfgang Egger. "The Audi Design soccer table features large-area, flowing surfaces and sharp, clearly defined lines."

One table will remain at Audi's Concept Design studio in Munich.  Hopefully, they'll let the general public get in on a game every once now and then.

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