Chevrolet has confirmed a modest power boost for the 2011 Camaro, from the current 306 bhp to 312 bhp. Torque is up too.

The 2011 Chevrolet Camaro is getting a small price bump of $350 for the 2LT and 2SS models as well as a power and torque bump. The 2010 MY car was officially rated at 227 kW (304 bhp / 308 PS) with torque peaking at 370 Nm (273 lb-ft).  However, as previously reported the engine has been re-certified for an extra 6 kW (8 bhp / 8 PS) out of the VVT direct-injection V6 engine, and torque was increased by some 7Nm (5 lb-ft). Production of the 2011 model begins on June 7.

"We are pleased with Camaro's success in the market during its first year of production," said Jim Campbell, U.S. Vice President, Chevrolet Marketing. "The 2010 model year has been a banner year for us, and we plan to build on this momentum."

Additionally customers will be able to order their cars in the optional SEMA-tested colour Synergy Green. Head-Up Display (HUD) also becomes available in the Camaro, the second Chevrolet to get it after the Corvette.

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