New NYC Taxi concept, called the UniCab, seats four and comes with an infotainment system. The spacious, boxy cabin also allows for a better view of the city during the cab ride.

The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) thinks it has found what it was looking for.

A few years ago, the TLC went in search of the "Taxi of Tomorrow" and created a website open to all designers to submit their proposals.

One of those submissions was the UniCab - this spacious urban mover that defies all body-style traditions. The boxy cabin features plenty of room for four passengers and includes an infotainment system to keep them occupied on their journey. The system is able to show routes to be taken and highlight attractions along the way. The seating position and large windows allow for a great view of the city during the cab ride. The cab also comes with a ramp for customers with disabilities.

The design is just that, though, and nothing more. No ideas on what kind of powertrain would best suit this NYC cab of tomorrow. Likely some kind of hybrid or electric set-up that can make the storied yellow New York taxi part of a sustainable future for the metropolis.

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