Piëch said some time ago that Volkswagen AG would be taking on Mercedes. This is likely Mercedes-Benz's clever reply to that.

Only in Germany would you get an inside joke like this.

A new Mercedes-Benz TV commercial for the E-Class features a look-a-like of Ferdinand Piech playing the Grim Reaper. Piech, a legendary figure of German automotive history, currently serves as Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Volkswagen AG.

The ad shows "Death" suddenly appearing next to the driver of a Mercedes E-Class, saying only, "Sorry." To which the driver replies the same when he's able to stop the car on a dime before hitting a log dangling from a crane. Mr. Death then bows his head in defeat.

It was Piech who said sometime ago that VW would be taking on Mercedes. This is probably Mercedes' answer to that. Though, they shouldn't laugh too hard. And they'd be smart to continue to keep their eye on Audi's lineup.

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