The 9-2 model will be a "super-cool" compact car to compete against the likes of MINI.

[Disclaimer: Pictured here is the Saab 9-X BioHybrid Concept.]

More movement on the re-birth of the Saab 9-2 (designated the 92 in the 1950s). Now, Saab owner Spyker is in talks with a contractor to build the new compact model for the Saab lineup.

Saab CEO Victor Muller told Bloomberg news that the company was in talks with other manufacturers to share technology on a new small-car platform upon which Saab will build a new 9-2 model.

"Discussions are already ongoing [with other manufacturers]," Muller is quoted as saying. "That will be on my plate for the next 100 days."

Muller did not reveal which contractor he was speaking to. But he did say that the new 9-2 would come with the same tear-drop shape as the original model and that it would be a "super-cool" compact car to compete against the likes of MINI.

Although no images of the new design are available yet (pictured here are photos of the Saab 9-X BioHybrid Concept), Muller says he's looking at design renderings for the car every day and that he takes the latest sketches with him when he travels.

The 9-2 will take a few years to get to production and will likely be introduced sometime around 2013.

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