A new, small Baby Rolls to be called the RR4 is in development, planned for release in 2010.

Over a year ago, Roll-Royce released their Phantom Drophead Coupe, which indeed was well-accepted in the ultra-luxury range. And at the Shanghai Auto Show last year, the British automaker announced that it would be working on a smaller Rolls-Royce, to be positioned below the Phantom and physically bigger than the BMW 7 Series.

Two days ago Rolls-Royce again confirmed during a press meeting that it is in fact developing a new, smaller Baby Rolls to be called the RR4. Apparently this model will not share engines with the Phantom or any BMW models, and it will be priced somewhere in the range of $250,000 to $280,000. It is planned for release in 2010, and will be built in Goodwood. This plant is reportedly on the verge of upgrading for production of this new model.

No details were announced as to which chassis will be used, but our bet is on the upcoming BMW 7 Series. Apart from that, BMW parts will be used in terms of electronics and other technical components.

Baby Rolls-Royce Confirmed for 2010