Eco-friendly, environmentally sound fiery racer. Huh? Yeah, C4 WRC HYmotion4 Concept is such a car. Fuel efficient as well, can run on electricity when needed.

C4 WRC HYmotion4, the new Citroën concept car, is an anomaly. It’s a competition racing thoroughbred the likes of which have been dominating over the past few years on WRC circuits all over the place. Yet when it comes to all the good words like CO2, emissions, environment and fuel efficiency, the C4 WRC HYmotion4 could be referred to as the Prius of motor racing. The systems used by the car enables a portion of the kinetic energy produced during braking to be recovered and stored, to be used at later stages for actions like overtaking.

Efficiencies have been achieved thanks to an electronic control unit (ECU) that manages the car’s power electronics circuit, a 125kW electric motor-generator which is gear-driven and connected to the rear differential. Also there is a 990-cell lithium-ion batteries which delivers 400 Volts that is positioned over the fuel tank. Don’t worry, it’s quite safe, we are assured. On electric mode the car can get up to 40km of range while fuel consumption on the road sections is reduced by around a whopping 30%.

Citroen C4 WRC HYmotion4 Concept