In a recent interview, GM's Vice President of Global Engineering has stated the company wants to build interiors with Audi levels of refinement.

While GM interiors are getting better, the company knows they still have more work to do.

Speaking with InsideLine, GM's Vice President of Global Engineering, Karl Stracke, stated "We're not yet at Audi quality. I want to be at Audi quality. Audi is the benchmark for interiors." He added, "I've driven the Corvette Grand Sport and I like it a lot, but the interior is not convincing." An honest statement considering the Corvette interior is synonymous with black plastic blah.

No word on when to expect major improvements, but GM has recently started a program which allows engineering executives to test competitor's products every Friday at the Milford Proving Grounds.

GM aiming to match the quality of Audi interiors