New Dodge logo will be used to convey a more sporty image for the brand. Dodge needed a new logo when Chrysler spun off the Ram Truck line as its own brand.

Chrysler has unveiled a new logo for its Dodge brand to mark its distinction as the company's marque for performance-oriented models.

The Dodge logo has dropped the Ram's head and now features two slanted red racing stripes over the "E" of "DODGE" - written in all capital letters. The aim of the new brand logo is to promote an ideal of "forever young", according to the automaker.

Chrysler has turned its Ram Truck line into a separate brand from Dodge and needed another logo for the Dodge brand in order to forge its new identity. Chrysler sees Dodge as the brand outlet for its performance vehicles such as the Dodge Charger and Challenger models.

In January, Dodge hired the ad agency Wieden & Kennedy, based in Portaland, Oregon, to help it create a sportier image for the brand. Wieden and Kennedy are best known for their work with Nike advertising.

The double red stripes on the logo will be used for marketing material and merchandising but will not appear on Dodge badges or on dealership signs.

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