Auto Express is reporting that that engineers at Volkswagen-owned Bugatti have developed a running prototype of an all-electric supercar.  The car's alleged 800-horsepower (597-kW, 811-PS) powertrain is comprised of two motors that kick out an instantaneous 2,200 Nm (1623 lb-ft) of torque right from 1 rpm, the magazine claims.

Quoting sources close to Bugatti, Auto Express suspiciously says the car may never be revealed to the public.  The "source" says the vehicle was built as a sandbox for engineers to further examine electric car technology.

Critics will say that it is hard to believe that Bugatti would create a massively powerful supercar and not use it as a public demonstration of the automaker's abilities.  Further, it is unknown why Bugatti would not want to use the car for marketing and brand development purposes.

Problems with the car reportedly have to do with keeping the power under control, and keeping batteries charged with a range longer than "a matter of minutes."  If it were released, one wonders if the car would be revealed as an homage to the Type 56, Bugatti's electric vehicle developed in the 1930s.

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