Porsche GT3 RSR. Stupendously Quick, Dreamy to Drive, Expensive to Buy, Well Worth the Price?

Porsche’s race-thriller, the GT3 RSR has become the most powerful racebred car based on the 911. Thanks to its 3.8-litre boxer engine, GT3 RSR delivers the same 465 bhp (342kW) at 8,000rpm, with maximum torque sitting at 430Nm at 7,250rpm. Screams like a horror movie then, doesn’t it? And so it should!

Changes to the old look include the front end, additional spoilers or “flicks” and new side air outlets that generate more downforce and reduce drag. And here I was thinking “drag” would be the operative word for this Porsche track monster.

It’s always telling when one of the most successful race car manufacturers in history fits sequential gearboxes into their track challenger. Ominous may be the description for road cars as days of the manual/ stick shift look to be coming to an abrupt halt. Why Porsche itself claims the 911 Turbo Tiptronic reaches 100km/h from naught quicker than the manual version.

The price of the GT3 RSR is €349,800 plus VAT.

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