Passengers of the new 2011 Audi A8 can now connect to the internet via the car itself. An optional WLAN can be factory-fitted into the A8, thus creating an instant mobile internet hotspot.

Audi is taking the term ‘mobile internet' to its next logical level. The German premium carmaker is offering its new A8 luxury sedan customers the option of a factory-installed WLAN hotspot for wireless internet access. It enables up to eight devices such as laptops, iPads and netbooks to connect to the internet while the A8 is in motion.

To activate, the driver simply inserts a data-capable SIM card into the Bluetooth online car phone or by using a compatible cellular device with a SIM Access Profile.

Because it essentially works like any stationary hotspot, passengers can securely connect to their company network emails or download iPad apps and so on. The connection speeds can go up to 7.2 Mbit/s. Audi promises great connection stability through the car's rooftop antenna.