Find out more about the new Tesla Factory, formerly a Toyota plant, inside.

Tesla has revealed that the location of its recently-acquired production facility is the former Toyota NUMMI factory in Fremont, California.  The cost of the transaction was not revealed, though it could be a part of the $50 million Toyota investment in the American electric car manufacturer.

"The Tesla Factory effectively leverages an ideal combination of hardcore Silicon Valley engineering talent, traditional automotive engineering talent and the proven Toyota production system," said Tesla chief Elon Musk in a press release.  Located near Tesla headquarters, Musk said the factory "will give us plenty of room to grow."

Toyota used the NUMMI facility to build the Corola and Tacoma before they closed the plant in April, laying off more than 4,500 workers in the process.  Tesla plans to use the facility for the assembly of the upcoming Model S.  Revealed last March, the Model S has an unconfirmed 300-mile range, and a price of $49,900, after federal tax credits are taken into account.