Aston Martin’s Move to Locate New Engineering Test Centre at the N?rburgring Signals Company’s new Commitment to High-Performance Models, Present and Future.

Come end of May 2008, Aston Martin will open its brand new engineering test centre at the famous N?rburgring. Natural this move is, since a lot of other car makers have made the ‘Ring their own test bed for high-performance cars. Aston Martin say all new cars are subject to 10,000km of rigorous high-speed testing at the ‘Ring, which bodes well for their performance and durability. The new building is adjacent to the famous Nordscheleife circuit.

Things are flowing quite nicely for the company whose headquarters is in Gaydon, Warwickshire, UK. Last year they achieved some record sales under new ownership. Said Dr Ulrich Bez, Aston Martin CEO: “When we open the Aston Martin N?rburgring Test Centre at the end of May this will be our second major new facility in less than 12 months since the company entered new ownership. The N?rburgring has played a vital part in improving the performance and durability of all modern Aston Martins. Our new test centre will allow us to further increase the performance of our cars and to share something of the unique Nordschleife experience with our customers.”

The next James Bond film starring rusky Daniel Craig is said to already be in production and so we wait to see if the successful association between Aston and Bond continues.

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