Another Honda Insight, or the original Smart Forfour concept? Get the full story inside.

Italian auto magazine Quattroruote dug up these photos of a Daimler developed prototype in 1999 that was to become the smart forfour.  The never-before revealed concept study was Italian-designed, and was based on the Fiat Punto at a time when analysts were speculating that Daimler-Chrysler would make an offer for Fiat.

The development of the car went through many design changes before execs at Daimler unveiled the production car in 2003.  Instead of a Punto based model, the car was instead based on the Mitsubishi Colt.  The prototype was designed by Paolo, the son of Spadaconcept founder Ercole Spada.

While the Smart Forfour was far from successful, this lime green version might not have been either.  Looking like a tiny, squat, four-door hatchback version of the old Honda Insight, there is no reason to think this car would have been produced in higher numbers than the actual Forfour, which was cancelled in 2006.

Rumor has it that Smart may make another run at a four-seater through a partnership with Renault.  Look for a concept to come out inside of three years.

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