Find out some of the details of the Seat Ibiza ST Bocanegra, and see the pics of the car with the Seat Grid Girls, inside.

Seat brought a surprise to the crowd of Volkswagen Group enthusiasts gathering at Worthersee 2010 in Reifnitz, Austria.  The VW-owned Spanish automaker unveiled the Seat Ibiza ST Bocanegra surrounded by the Seat Grid Girls.

The white car with the black mouth features "an extensive package of accessories," according to the automaker.  Features on the car include glossy black mirror caps, painted bumpers, tinted sunroof, and a new grille with black honeycomb mesh.

Other sporty items spotted on the interior includes upgraded seats, sports steering wheel, and aluminum pedals.  Bocanegra badging can be seen on the cars interior as well as its exterior.

Gallery: Seat Ibiza ST Bocanegra revealed at Worthersee 2010

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