The Skoda Fabia RS+ and Octavia RS+ concepts were exhibited at the Wörthersee 2010 event. Skoda it seems, can be fun.

Skoda presented stylized Fabia vRS+ and Octavia vRS+ cars at the 2010 Wörthersee event in Austria this past weekend. Dressed by Skoda designers, the pair feature special optical packets and colour adaptations based on self-adhesive foils.

Skoda created the Fabia vRS+ especially for the event. It features a black front spoiler, a decorated bonnet, new headlamps and front grille, as well as visible air intakes. The inside has exclusive colours and sports seats.

The Octavia vRS+ has two-colour paint and adhesive foils, a new spoiler kit, black-tinted headlights, LED taillights and new colours for the interior.

A real treat for Skoda fans was the appearance of the two liveried up Fabia Super 2000 rally cars.

Gallery: Skoda Fabia RS+ and Octavia RS+ tuning concepts at Wörthersee 2010

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