Donut Media is on a roll right now with cool videos. The latest talks about homologation cars and ranks the top 10 coolest of them all, as per Donut Media’s opinion of course. In case you’re a bit fuzzy on exactly what homologation cars are, the simple definition is that they’re road-going versions of manufacturer-built race cars. The slightly longer version – as well as just how similar the road and race versions have to be – is a bit more drawn out. Just know that, depending on the specific series, automakers must build and sell at least some production cars similar to what's on the track to be part of the racing action.

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When someone says homologation, most people tend to think touring car or rally, and rightfully so. Through the years, these have traditionally been the motorsport series where road-going variants of race cars have received the most attention. There’s plenty of that on the list, but we’re particularly happy to see machines sometimes overshadowed, such as the Mitsubishi Pajero which has a dominating history in Dakar. Another welcome surprise on the list is the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, of which 500 were built to meet NASCAR regulations. It only lasted a couple years, however, as the cars were so dominant in the sport that NASCAR decided to change the rules, outlawing them in the process.

This list is certainly debatable, so while we’re happy to see these rides, we’re a bit shocked to find a few notable cars missing. At the top has to be the BMW E30 M3, a car that literally created a performance dynasty. The M3 was represented at number six with the E46 GTR, but we’d go with the E30 every day of the week. We'd also nix the Nissan R390, which made the cut at number three, and replace it with the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR. It was also surprising to not see the Ford RS200, a bona-fide Group B rally legend that kept much of its racing edge, even in a road car.

Still, it’s a good look at some of the greatest race-to-road vehicles of all time. More importantly, it makes us think about all the other great racing-derived machines out there. Perhaps a list of our own is in order.

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