British carmaker wants to show at the Geneva Motor Show that environmentally concerned vehicles can be fun to drive

About a year ago, Morgan announced it would unveil a vehicle called LIFECar in this year’s edition of the Geneva Motor Show. At that time, only a few images of the car had been released, but, as the car gets closer to its official presentation, more images of the vehicle have emerged. And, if this is what Morgan thinks the future will be, we all should be glad about it.

The British automaker’s intention of building a fuel cell vehicle seems to fit just nicely. Morgan’s skill in creating lightweight cars combines pretty well with fuel efficient automobiles. And there is nothing more fuel efficient than fuel cells, although they are still too expensive for mass production.

Anyway, LIFECar is not solely a Morgan product, but the effort of many other entities, such as BOC, responsible for developing the hydrogen refueling plant, Cranfield University, the systems simulation, onboard computing and control networks “manager”, so to speak, Oxford University, in charge of the regenerative electric motors, OSCar, which takes care of the design and architecture of the car and last, but not least (on the contrary), QinetiQ, the creator of LIFECar’s fuel cells. The creation of the concept has consumed two and a half years and almost £1.9 million.

Considering the praised dynamic behavior of all Morgan vehicles, it would be no surprise if, although quiet and clean, the LIFECar was as good to drive as the best combustion-engined vehicles. Going a little further, it would also be no surprise if the car made into production, since Morgan, although very successful, is a small automaker. If customers decide to buy it, Morgan would surely not refuse to sell it.

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