The sport truck is still only in the thoughts of the Swedish designer Bo Zolland, but, since it would have the same platform of the Holden VE Ute, it could become a reality if GM wanted

The Chevrolet El Camino has been based in many cars, such as Impala, Chevelle, Malibu and Monte Carlo, but GM has never thought of giving this coupe utility a Camaro base. Anyway, Swedish designer Bo Zolland has, but was only able to accomplish that in his renderings. If you check out the results of this idea in these articles’ images, you will probably ask yourself why GM has not had the same idea in the first place. Even if it had, the name would not have changed, for sure. And Zolland’s creation is not called El Camino. This is the El Camero.

Since it is not more than just a nice idea, there are no technical specs or any other sort of information on the El Camero, only Zolland’s wish to see it powered by a V8 (not the V6 or the hybrid GM is expected to put in the Camaro). And to have a SS version, something more powerful and more adequate to the design of the vehicle. Size would also be the same of the Camaro.

Would this beauty ever go into production? We doubt it, although it would be possible, since GM has already discussed the possibility of taking the El Camino back to the American market, and this new El Camino would be basically a Holden VE Ute, a sport truck that uses the same platform the Camaro will have. In short, it may be unlikely, but it would not hurt if GM gave it a thought. Considering the losses the company has faced in 2007, more creativity may come in handy from now on.

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