Donut Media is back with another entertaining everything you need to know video, this time chronicling the iconic BMW M3. Few vehicles have attained the near-deity level of admiration as that the M3 enjoys, and this 10-minute review does a great job of covering the bases without getting mired in the endless special edition variants and rare options that are also part of the M3’s legacy.

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As you would expect, a good portion of the presentation focuses on the original E30 model. Launched in 1985, its slightly flared fenders, rear wing, magical suspension, and overachieving four-cylinder engine earned the E30 M3 instant fame. Pretty much everybody knows it was built to meet homologation rules so BMW could go racing with it, but the video touches on an interesting tidbit that often goes unknown outside the M3 enthusiast community. BMW wasn’t actually keen on making a road going M3 and didn’t expect the car to sell. Over 16,000 ultimately hit the road – far more than the original target of 5,000.

Another interesting point the video touches upon is the fact that the first M3 isn’t what you’d call luxurious. Things are certainly much different in the motoring world today, where items like power windows and door lock are standard-issue for everything, but even by 1980’s standards, the E30 was quite threadbare. It wasn’t until the E36 debut in 1992 that the automaker combined the higher-end features from other cars with the M3’s sizzling performance.

From there, most of us know the gist of the M3’s story. The video goes right to present-day, and it provides an interesting look at how the car has evolved while also reminding us just how far its come from that original E30. It’s certainly a great 10-minute distraction for the workday.

Source: Donut Media via YouTube

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