Chrysler still using the Sebring nameplate for its mid-sized sedan offering. The new model is being developed on a Fiat platform and is set to launch in 2011.

Chrysler will be keeping the Sebring name for its mid-sized sedan offering, at least for now, despite speculation that it was going to change the nameplate to Nassau.

The change to Nassau was widely reported on in the press but never made official by Chrysler. Now, a Detroit Bureau source says that "As of last week, the name was still Sebring."

But why the fuss?

Because Chrysler is still strapped for cash and a name change can be costly. Auto industry analysts say that an effective nameplate change in the U.S. market can mean excess marketing costs of $100 million (€79 million) or more to promote the new vehicle as opposed to keeping the same name for a next-generation launch.

Chrysler, now owned by Italian automaker Fiat, is developing a new Sebring sedan on a Fiat platform. The model is set to debut in 2011.


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