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A fantastic 2m 30s video has surfaced on the web showing the upcoming 2011 BMW X3 facelift in Munich about five kilometers away from BMW HQ.  Despite being covered in camouflage, the video-taker was able to get so close to the prototype, that we are able to determine many new details of the vehicle.

Amongst this is a much more aggressive front end that incorporates a sporty, three-section bumper with integrated splitter.  The model's headlights no longer come to a point, instead featuring a higher up rounded edge that does not wrap around the side panels as extensively as the 2010 model year SUV.  The front does not appear to be as slanted as the current X3, but rather features an attractive pug-nosed look.

This look is somewhat reflected in the bag, which seems to be rounder.  In the last shot, as the test driver pulled out of the parking spot, we get a good look at the rear lighting clusters in use.

The seemingly production-ready 2011 BMW X3 facelift could debut in September at the Paris Motor Show.  It is expected to have diesel engine choices that outputs between 177 hp (132 kW / 179 PS) to 300 hp (223 kW / 304 PS), and two inline-six 3.0-liter petrol engines.  One of these will feature a turbocharger.

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