New plant tour includes a two-hour test-drive in a BMW vehicle as well as access to plant floor areas the standard tour does not allow. 99 dollar tour package also includes "unique culinary events" which we can only take to mean a decent lunch.

BMW will be upgrading its factory tour services for its U.S. plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Called "The Ultimate BMW Experience", the new tour package is by reservation-only and includes a guided walk through the plant, a visit to its Zentrum museum and a two-hour test-drive in a BMW from its Performance Center driving school nearby. The new tour package gets these special visitors to places on the plant floor such as the door line and the paint shop that the standard tour does not permit.

There are also "unique culinary events" to experience, according to BMW, which we can only assume means a decent lunch is included for the 99 dollar (€78) price tag.

BMW's Spartanburg plant has been offering a basic tour since the 1990s which gets around 30,000 visitors each year for a mere 7 bucks (€5.50) a pop. The plant is where BMW assembles its X5 and X6 models.

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