As Nelson would say, "Ha-ha!" Find out the true story behind the rendering of the Audi S8, thought to have been real by some in the automotive news world.

As A.A. Dornfeld said in 1966, "If your Mother says she loves you check it out."  The statement has become a slogan of sorts, used by elder journalists to teach their lesser-experienced colleagues to always double-check something before they print it.

Now, take a look at this image, a rendering of the 2012 Audi S8 produced by WorldCarFans Community member Lucas Broniewski, a.k.a. PlayaPlaya.  The 24-year-old did such a good job with his artistry that it was picked up by blog and published as though it came direct from an Audi designer.  It then spread to, who called it a "leaked" image.

At least our friends at Jalopnik and Autoblog treated the rendering as wishful thinking, hopeful that Audi would either be inspired by the look, or step it up and do even better.

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