Find out about the Prodrive P1, and its 10th anniversary celebration in England. The story inside.

Engineers at British firm Prodrive played host to 100 Impreza P1 (Prodrive 1) units at their offices in Banbury, England, this past weekend.  The upgraded Subaru Impreza models were in town to celebrate the ten year anniversary of Prodrive's P1 introduction.

Launched in 1999 by former WRC champ Richard Burns, the two-door notchback featured several improvements on the well-known Japanese vehicle.  Aside from stepped-up aerodynamics, the car also featured a tight suspension, and renewed trim.

Built out of a partnership with Subaru UK, only a thousand were produced, all painted in Sonic Blue.  The company added Recaro sports seats, six-piston brakes, alloy wheels, and increased power to 276 hp (206 kW).

Sadly, the Prodrive P1 was discontinued after only a few years of production.  However, as the weekend event proved, the car's legacy lives on.  The anniversary was well-attended by a further 300 Subaru Imprezas and 1,000 people.

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