Speculation mounts regarding the final details of Nissan's V-Spec GT-R, one claim is for 550hp!

Not content with lapping the Nürburgring at an eye watering 7 minutes and 38 seconds, Nissan’s Banzai Engineers are preparing an even meaner and much leaner version of their sublime GT-R supercar.

The car will use the much vaunted “V-Spec” moniker. There is plenty of speculation in the press regarding this model as there appears to be an unabated demand for news and information on the newly released Nissan GT-R.

British motor magazine, AutoExpress, have run their own article in which they suggest the 473 hp VR38DETT twin turbo 3.8L V6 is in for a 16% power boost. That means the V-Spec GT-R will produce around a giddy 550 hp. To ensure that extra 77 hp is not developed in vain, the GT-R will also be in for a diet which will lead to around 150kg trimmed off the cars overall weight.

The GT-R already has an ultra low CD figure of 0.27 but the V-Spec version will get a bespoke body kit which should help create down force and increase stability in fast sweeping corners.

It’s difficult to imagine an even harder edged version of the standard GT-R as it seems such a focused track weapon already. But Nissan clearly want to offer the prospective GT-R purchaser a complete set of models, much in the same way Porsche offer Turbo, GT3 and GT2 versions of the standard 911.

Expect the Super GT-R to come at a premium over the standard car, which means at least £20,000 sterling more than the rumoured £55,000 starting price when it comes to British shores.

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