New Porsche Design Sunglass Collection Launches in Stuttgart. Titanium is Material of Choice in Building them.

Love a Porsche? Can’t afford one? Here’s a great idea. Why not buy yourself a new pair of sunglasses? Porsche Design has presented a new set of their famed eye sunblockers that are meant to accentuate that masculinity we men all aspire to. Built beautifully since 1972, Porsche Design is not just for Porsche owners, thank goodness.

Believe it or not the “models” come in code: P’8454 which is a simple, sporty line. P’8456 feature titanium elements, making them extremely hard and durable. P’8457 and P’8458 are both made firmly of titanium but feature individual styling.

Porsche Design, while promising special glances for those who wear these sunglasses, can’t guarantee that buyers will be able to see passing traffic thorough the eyes of a Porsche driver. Ah well.

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