Check out the Fiat Uno Ecology, a more fuel efficient concept version of the Uno. The car debuted this week in Brazil.

Fiat surprised Brazilian journalists with a new concept car.  The Fiat Uno Ecology was introduced at the launch of the revived Uno in Brazil.

The concept is made with natural and recycled materials, like cocunut fiber and recycled PET.  The photovoltaic solar panel built into the roof recharges the battery, letting the alternator work more passively, cutting down fuel consumption.

Further increasing efficiency is the Start/Stop system fitted to the Evo Fire 1.0 engine, and a tire pressure monitor to make sure tires maintain optimum pressure levels.  The model was designed over the last 14 months by a Fiat engineering team in Brazil.

No word yet if the Fiat Uno Ecology Concept will be shown off outside Brazil.

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