A mockery, or honorarium? One family celebrated the life of a car fan with a one-ton granite M3 Convertible headstone. The story inside.

When Joanne Marsh's husband Steve passed away at the age of 51, she wanted to honor him with a headstone he would be proud to rest under.  Nicknamed "BMW Steve," it was only natural that Joanne and her two children should look for a BMW-inspired sculpture.

The family found a Chinese exporter willing to build a scale-model BMW M3 convertible, Steve's favorite, completely from granite.  The model cost £50,000 ($75,000), and weighs about a ton.

BMW's logo can be seen on the hood, trunk, and the wheels.  Silver-painted headlights, quad exhaust, and an accurate replica of the dashboard are featured.  The license plate on the car is "Steve 1."

Naturally, not everyone is happy about the gigantic headstone, which some see as a bit of a mockery in an otherwise grim location.  But the family insists otherwise, noting Steve's passion for the car, and his sense of humor.

Because of this, a family member placed a fake parking ticket under the windshield wipers when the headstone was unveiled last month.

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