A non-supercharged version of the Shelby GT350 will sell for $7,000 less than the supercharged model. Find out what's included inside.

Carroll Shelby's Shelby American has released details on a new model regarding the 2011 Shelby GT350.  Fans of the car will no doubt be surprised that the Mustang-based model will be sold as a base level, naturally-aspirated street car capable of SCCA competition.

For an additional $7,000, the model may still be purchased with a supercharger.

"When we brought back the GT350, people wanted to race it like they did with our Shelby GT," explained Carroll Shelby in a press release. 

He says that customers wanted a car that would be allowed to run in SCCA-sanctioned races, which normally disallow vehicles with an aftermarket supercharger.  Others wanted the vehicle available with an automatic gearbox.

"This gives people more choices with the GT350," Shelby said.

The base GT350 uses a 5.0-liter V8 engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.  Six-piston caliper brakes with 14" rotors are included, as is an upgraded suspension with parts from Ford Racing. 

Painted in white with blue Le Mans stripes, the car sees a full aerodynamic work-up that includes scoops on the side rockers and hood.  Changes can be seen at the front end, with the addition of a front splitter and redesigned bumper, while the rear fascia gets a makeover with new filler panel, and taillight trim.

Not including the cost of the Mustang GT, the GT350 package will retail for $26,995, while the supercharged GT350 will sell for $33,995.